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Leveraging a World of Insurance Resources.

RHSB is the North Texas Partner of Assurex Global, the world’s largest privately-held risk management and insurance brokerage group. This global network of respected Partners is a supportive web of insurance knowledge, advice, and assistance. Membership is regionally exclusive and based on market position, longevity, and approach to customer service. All partners are owner-managed and independently owned and operated.

Benefits of being an Assurex Global Partner

  • Independence. All Assurex Global Partners are independently owned and therefore highly entrepreneurial in their approach to servicing. Decisions get made. Responsiveness is a core value. In short – we are free to act in your best interest; we make it work for you.
  • Vetted and Invested. All Assurex Global Partners undergo an intensive evaluation process to assess their capability levels. The standards are high and uncompromising. Among the thousands of independent commercial insurance brokers worldwide, just over 100 are Partners in Assurex Global. In addition, all make a significant equity investment in Assurex Global, so they are fully committed to one another and making all their clients realize full value. That’s why we call them Partners.
  • Servicing Locally, Reaching Globally. Due to Assurex Global’s worldwide network, collaboration tools, and communications infrastructure, all Assurex Partners are capable of servicing your accounts across the globe with equal precision and localized service.
  • One in Many; Many in One. When you sign with an Assurex Global Partner, you not only get access to its specialized expertise but also that of all experts within 100 plus Partners worldwide.
  • Connected in All the Right Places. Due to its collective bargaining power and 60-year history with carriers and industry influencers, you receive the benefits of cost efficient pricing and best fit product offerings.

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