RHSB has designed and launched an innovative program providing transparency and guidance for individuals navigating the healthcare system.

Our Cost Containment and Employee Advocacy program brings together best in class providers, transparency tools, employee assistance and pioneering communication to provide real solutions and real savings.

  • Works with any Carrier
  • Works with any funding strategy
  • Works with any network
  • Works with any size organization
  • Real savings to both the Employee and the Employer

We believe the fundamental issue facing our healthcare system today is the lack of transparency and direction of choice. Healthcare is one of the only purchases we make as a society without knowing the price. By providing a resource that is easy to access, easy to understand and easy to navigate our clients have happier and more productive employees.

To see how much of an impact this program can have on you or your organization please contact shansen@rhsb.com or your RHSB Benefits Broker.