RHSB will assist you with strategically planning a wellness program that fits your culture and will benefit your employee population.  Whether you are looking for an entry level program or a more stringent program, we have the extensive experience and carrier partnerships to help develop that program for you.

We maintain a broad understanding of the wellness programs because companies vary widely in what they expect from employees and what they can afford.  This allows us to unlock services that are provided by carriers, offer effective, “plug and play” options or even create custom wellness programs.  Most importantly, we understand the ingredients needed to create a positive Return on Investment.  So, regardless of budget, we have solutions.


Since 1998 Healthcare costs have risen twice as fast as the overall economy and 3.6 times faster than cosmetic healthcare.  Unlike other products, a patient does not know the cost of the services when they are received.  RHSB has developed a system that creates significant, hard dollar savings.

By helping patients every step of the way, their satisfaction is increased while the patient and the plan save.  In fact, the system works so well that we guarantee it will save more than it costs.

  • It works with any carrier.
  • It creates impact on deductible or copay plans.
  • It works on fully-insured and self-funded plans.
  • The network is the same.
  • The doctors are the same.
  • It is not wellness.
  • Patient satisfaction is increased.