The passage of the Affordable Care Act added significant new regulatory requirements to an already complex system for ERISA. The burden is now so great that many companies worry they are not in compliance. Additionally, they are not sure how to find out.

RHSB provides tools to address not only ACA and ERISA, but 7 other areas of corporate compliance as well. We even provide an ACA audit that is approved by the Department of Labor. Our process provides compliance peace of mind without adding cost. While other firms charge for wrap documents, attorneys, or audits we include them in our offering


  • Access to attorneys
  • PHR’s (Professional in Human Resources) for specific HR issues (wages, hiring, safety, etc.)
  • Wrap document preparation
  • Library of approved forms
  • Over 200 training videos


  • ACA & ERISA audit
  • General HR audit
  • Department of Labor approved ACA audit