Better Protection and Management for Your Property and People


Real estate owners, managers and developers face unique exposures associated with construction, environmental, natural catastrophes, and economic volatility to name just a few. No matter if your portfolio of property is a group of multi-tenant offices, mixed-use retail, residential high-rise, industrial/warehouse, or a full-service hotel, we have a proven track record of results that will help you not only protect your investment, but better manage your properties.



Serving Your Real Estate Insurance Needs Around the State… and Around the World!

Our clients have owned or managed properties in every region of the country, as well as internationally, so we have the experience structuring any size or type of program from high-rise office buildings in downtown Los Angeles and San Francisco to art deco beachfront hotels and shopping centers in Miami.   Our real estate team is always available to travel to your locations and meet with your on-site staff.

Expertise & Services

In addition to properly insuring real property, RHSB also works with real estate firms in related areas such as:

  • Premium Allocations among entities/properties
  • Feasibility & Placement of Master Program
  • Contract Review
  • Errors & Omissions coverage (Professional & Hospitality)
  • Builders Risk
  • Replacement Cost Valuation
  • Loss mitigation in areas of public liability and workers compensation
  • Environmental Risk Mitigation/Transfer
  • Certificate of Insurance Management
  • Acquisition Due Dilegence