Business leaders are unfortunately attractive targets for non-meritorious lawsuits in today’s litigation driven society, with directors and officers of corporations facing increasing scrutiny. Determining the “right” solution for directors and officers, as well as the corporation, is a critical decision frequently made more complicated by an ever-changing regulatory and legal climate.

Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance covers defense costs and damages (awards and settlements) arising out of allegations and litigation brought against individual officers, boards of directors and/or the companies themselves. When properly constructed, Directors & Officers Insurance provides a firewall to personal assets being exposed and often represents the “last line of defense.” And since directors and officers can be held personally liable, it is critical to consider additional assurances beyond corporate indemnification.

RHSB’s holistic approach to D&O insurance centers around a detailed assessment of risk, strategies to mitigate it, coverage design, and proprietary models to help determine the amount of insurance necessary to address it. Our consulting services and decision-making tools allows us to design a program specifically tailored to a company’s unique profile, enabling your executive teams and board of directors to make informed decisions about the right program design and limits to meet their needs.

Our goal at RHSB is to provide you the greatest peace of mind possible in today’s litigious society.

Essential Services:

  • Indemnification Review
  • Modeling appropriate limits of insurance
  • Key settlement trends in securities litigation
  • Risk Foresight for business leaders

To effectively protect business leaders and their boards, it’s important to recognize the specific risk areas they face and address them together. These areas include the following: