Implementing a global risk management strategy for any business with multinational operations can be complex. Relying on your U.S.-based insurance program (even one extending coverage outside the U.S.) can expose a company to foreign local fines and taxes. Organizations with true global operations must be confident their insurance not only covers the exposures in the countries they operate, but complies with the local laws and regulations. 

The RHSB International Service Team is focused on developing solutions for clients operating internationally. Through Assurex Global, we have over 630 trusted partners on 6 continents; empowering us to manage your business exposures in any country you operate. We coordinate the efforts of our Assurex Global partners who work closely with your local representatives. That means you’ll receive the same level of service you value from RHSB, but on a global scale.

Our international capabilities include:

  • Strategic consultation on program design
  • Country specific exposure identification
  • Consultation on mandatory and best practices by country
  • Culture, language, local laws and regulations, local tax issues
  • Centralized control, single access point
  • Due diligence
  • Gap / coverage overlap identification
  • Local claims advocacy


RHSB is the North Texas Partner of Assurex Global, the world’s largest privately-held risk management and insurance brokerage group. This global network of respected Partners is a supportive web of insurance knowledge, advice, and assistance. Membership is regionally exclusive and based on market position, longevity, and approach to customer service. All partners are owner-managed and independently owned and operated.