Protecting Companies with International Exposure


Companies with a multinational presence are challenged by the potential for risks to go undetected while attempting to maximize protection and minimize cost. Our Global Practice Group has extensive experience in answering the evolving needs of companies with international exposure by guiding them through the complex process of implementing and managing their global insurance program.

Regulatory Insight and Guidance: Operating and/or expanding globally involves navigating complex tax, compliance, and regulatory issues. The insurance and risk management involved touches each of these areas.

Operational Transparency: Gaps and redundancies are common pitfalls with international insurance programs. RHSB provides transparency to help avoid these problems.

Local Support… with Global Reach: As an Assurex Global Partner, RHSB works with hand-picked Partners from around the globe. Assurex is the largest independently-owned brokerage network in the world, with 630+ offices in more than 80 countries.

Globe with Star at North Texas

Leveraging a World of Insurance Resources.

RHSB is the North Texas Partner of Assurex Global, the world’s largest privately-held risk management and insurance brokerage group. This global network of respected Partners is a supportive web of insurance knowledge, advice, and assistance. Membership is regionally exclusive and based on market position, longevity, and approach to customer service. All partners are owner-managed and independently owned and operated. More >>

Global Advantages

RHSB is a member of two unique global broker networks to deliver seamless global risk management solutions and enhance our market clout.



Client Benefits include:

  • Market clout of over $35 billion in total premium
  • Over 630 partner offices on 6 continents
  • Intellectual capital of over 23,000 top risk managers throughout the world
  • A collaborative global IT platform
  • Priority customer service by agency principals and senior level executives
  • Database of local required coverages to ensure compliance, avoid gaps and penalties, and assess new markets for global expansion

RHSB, as an Assurex Global partner, is in the World’s Top 5 Insurance Brokerages.

In addition to these partnerships assisting with placements, the guidance we provide includes the ability to quickly provide individual country compulsory insurance requirements and avoid local regulatory problems.