Brand, Reputaion and Risk in a Fast-Changing World

Dallas Business Journal Roundtable
Sponsored by Pierpoint Communications and Associated Bank

Corporate reputation historically Is seen as either the product of prudent financial risk management or a matter of brand management by marketing and communications teams. These worlds rarely meet, yet both consider themselves the guardians of a brand’s reputation. Moreover, when operating within their own silos they often neglect other touch points that define reputation, from supply chain Issues to operations to customer experience (CX) management.

One of the lessons that came out of the financial crisis, as well as the continuing series of corporate crises we have seen worldwide, is these blinders are dangerously narrow, as they discourage even boards and C-suites from taking a holistic view of reputation. They can also breed over confidence, even when companies think they are being prudent.

But best practice companies now embrace a wider view of man­ aging reputational risk in a proactive manner that builds business value, promotes brands and mitigates risk.

This lively discussion brought together leading companies In the Dallas-Fort Worth market that take exactly this kind of approach towards best practice risk management and best practice marketing and communications.

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David Kohl, Sr. VP and Principal of RHSB was a Participant

Spencer McClenahan, VP and Principal of RHSB also attended