GenerationsThe Pros and Cons of Long Term Clients

It is certainly a blessing to have clients that have been with the agency long term. Some of our clients have been with us since the 1950’s. We have built relationships and watched as children were added to auto policies, went away to college then started families of their own. But along with that comes a bit of sadness.

It is becoming more and more prevalent that we receive a call from the child of one of our clients telling us “we’ve had to sell Mom’s home she’s moving to an assisted living facility” or “please cancel Dad’s auto insurance he can no longer drive”. These are tough times for many families having to make hard choices. Many of us at RHSB know firsthand how hard it is to obtain power of attorney documents and transition responsibilities to the next generation.

We’ve become very knowledgeable on how to assist families with their insurance during major life events. Whether it is a wedding and special event insurance or coverage for a vacant dwelling, often our services fall outside the typical personal auto or homeowner policy.

As we develop new relationships I hope they feel the difference here and we are able to cultivate trust in us so that they too will want to stay with RHSB for many years to come.


Jan Holcombe, CIC

VP of Personal Client Services