Bush Library 12.10.15.

RHSB rewards its employees with a special annual corporate event to bring employees from both the Dallas and Fort Worth offices together to enjoy some entertainment, socializing, and of course food and drink. This year’s event was held on December 10, 2015 starting at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and ending at Seasons 52 Grill. Karen Farris, Chairman of the Board for RHSB is a docent at the George W. Bush Library and guided the group through the special Christmas exhibit, 9/11 exhibit, and the Oval Office. Group pictures in the Oval office were taken with Leroy Howard founding partner at the desk and Tom Hughston current CEO at the desk. The evening ended with food and drinks at Seasons 52 grill.


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Bush library17Oval Office - Leroy HowardOval Office - Tom Hughston