Workers’ Compensation Costs

Do you control them or do they control you?

In today’s economic environment, we continually look for ways to reduce expenses. In most cases when reviewing insurance costs, we find time and time again that workers’ compensation costs account for the majority of risk management dollars whether the program is fully-insured or self-funded.

Do you want to control your organization’s costs or do you want your costs to control you? 

If you want to be in control, it involves…PROACTIVE Behavior!

How?  Well, I am glad you asked.

Simply…it is about Preventing, Correcting, and Managing!

PREVENTING Injuries – Zero dollars will be spent on accidents resulting in injuries if they NEVER happen. Create a SAFETY CULTURE

  1. Generate safety awareness – Make it fun for the employees – (i.e. Safety Bingo, Safety Contest)
  2. Promote and support safety from the top of the organization.
  3. Involve employees in safety training which will produce a level of ownership among the employees.
  4. Recognize safe employees

CORRECTING – When an accident happens complete a thorough investigation identifying:

  1. Identify the CAUSE – Accidents are caused by unsafe conditions at the worksite (i.e. improper lighting, clutter work space) or unsafe acts by employees (i.e. failure to wear proper protective gear, lifting improperly).
  2. Correct – Once the cause has been identified – What changes can be made to prevent the incident from happening in the future? (i.e. Training, worksite modifications)

MANAGING – After an injury occurs manage the process.

  1. Develop a return to work program
  2. Reach out to your injured employees letting them know that you care.
  3. Create relationships with the local medical providers explaining your concern for your employees and your return to work philosophy.