Wedding Protector plan

An analysis of Travelers’ wedding insurance claims from 2014 found that:

Forty-four percent of claims involved vendors that were hired for the wedding and didn’t deliver as promised.

Twenty-eight percent involved property damage to the venue that was related to the wedding.

Eight percent of claims resulted from sickness and injury befalling the bride, groom, or key member of the bridal party leading to cancelation or postponement.

Other issues, such as military duty/deployment and problems with bridal party attire, each accounted for six percent of claims, respectively.

The Wedding Protector Plan® from Travelers can help couples protect themselves from financial losses caused by problems with vendors, special attire, special jewelry, photography and more. Couples can also purchase liability coverage as part of a wedding insurance policy to protect themselves from liability due to property damage and personal injuries to third parties at the event.

Some examples of losses wedding insurance covers, include: damage to or loss of the bride’s gown or groom’s tuxedo; deposits if a vendor goes out of business or simply does not show up; severe weather, ruined photos, or loss of the rings before the event (within seven days of the event).

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