PTO USErTop PTO users and losers

Some 17% of Americans waste their paid time off, according to a survey by American Express. However, your boss and hairdresser? Not among them. Those are just two on a list of positions that are less likely to leave unused vacation days at the end of the year. On the flip side, employees in other job spheres — such as personal trainers and PR representatives — are chronic PTO neglectors. Check out positions on each list, and see which — perhaps some at your own company — could use a nudge toward better work-life balance.

Doctors vs. Nurses | Doctors as a group generally use up all their PTO days; nurses (taking up the slack, perhaps?) tend to forego time off.

Administrative Assistants, Managers and Executives | Office leaders are more likely to take all the time off they’ve been given, and their assistants seem to follow their example.

Investment Bankers | This field boasts many famous (and infamous, i.e., Gordon Gecko) workaholics, explaining why Investment Bankers are among top positions that neglect PTO.

IT Specialist | Information Technology Specialists are in the top echelon of PTO users.

Domestic employees (Housekeepers/Nannies) | A parent’s job is never done, and apparently neither is the nanny’s. Domestic employees are less likely to use all the PTO they are offered.

Customer Service/Sales Representatives | On the other end of the spectrum, these position types are more likely to use up all PTO.

Lawyers |Lawyers as a group tend to neglect PTO.

Other top users and neglectors | Other positions that use up all PTO include Server /Barista, Realtor, Cosmetologists, Accountants.  Additional top job titles that forego PTO are Account Managers, Teachers/Professors, Public Relations/Marketing Representatives, Pilots/Flight Attendants, Firefighters/Police Officers, and Personal Trainers.

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