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What to Understand for your Wind & Hail Deductible

100,000 businesses, 1,500 corporate headquarters, and 6.8 million people call Dallas Fort Worth home.  For all of the benefits of living and working in North Texas, we all have one exposure we have to deal with, hail.  Hail season runs primarily from March through May where we all keep one eye up at the sky.…

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Ego D&O: Moral Hazards in the Age of Social Media

Ego D&O: Moral Hazards in the Age of Social Media Twitter has a 280-character limit, but it took only 61 characters from Tesla CEO Elon Musk to create a multi-billion-dollar impact. On August 7, 2018, Musk tweeted: “Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured.” It’s estimated that Musk initially added $1.4 billion to…

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Don’t Scoot Yourself Out of Insurance Coverage

Fleets of dockless electric scooters made by companies such as Bird and Lime have sprouted up in a number of urban areas throughout the country. Bird advertises on their website that they now offer their service in over 100 cities and universities, while Lime offers similar services in over 70 cities. [1,2] For as little…

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The Future of Blockchain and Manufacturing and Distribution Companies

Blockchain is essentially a decentralized ledger where two parties can exchange value with no intermediary. The pillars of blockchain, Ahluwalia continued, are consensus, state consistency, almost immediacy, and immutability—in other words, data does not go through a central source and, once entered, is quickly available to everyone on the chain but cannot be altered. With blockchain technology, manufacturers and distributors can track every step of a product’s journey from source to consumer and trust that the information is true and current.

RHSB Expands Employee Benefits Practice

Dirk Hansen, Shannon Hansen, and Cindy Gonzales join Employee Benefits Practice at RHSB RHSB is pleased to announce the addition of three new experienced professionals to expand its Employee Benefits practice. Dirk Hansen joins as Senior Vice President, Principal, and Employee Benefits Practice Leader. Dirk has 37 years’ experience in the employee benefits industry serving…